Finding the right candidate for a position in your company can be a long and difficult process. Why not let the employment experts take care of it quickly and efficiently?

SET HR offers employers professional services to help find the best candidates to join the workforce. We collect data on their experience, qualifications and suitability for the advertised position. We carefully analyse, compare and, using professional methods, assess the most suitable candidates to provide you with references. 

Our experts will take into account all your requirements and preferences, which means we will only send the most suitable candidates according to the same, making your decisions much easier.

Don't sacrifice your valuable time and resources with a long and sometimes fruitless recruitment process, instead seek the services of our experts who will carry out a professional recruitment and provide you with the staff you are looking for. 

Our many years of experience in business process management and human resources ensures an advantage for your company in the selection of human resources.

Contact SET HR today to walk you through our process and provide you with our services. 

Our Services

We Work For Results


Recruitment of workforce, specialists, experts and managers.

Administration of staff

Drafting of employment contracts, supplemental agreements and termination orders;
Preparation of civil contracts and accounts for amounts paid...

Accounting Services And Payroll

Accounting, Payroll, Audit

Corporate Services

Registration of commercial companies, registration of commercial establishments and mediation for the issuance of an opinion by the Food Agency if the establishment is intended for trade in food and derived products.

Accommodation and logistics

Ensuring the overall onboarding process for workers.


Staff for international concerns worldwide.


SET HR has an individual approach to its clients. We contribute to the success of the business and the professional development of the candidates.


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